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A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. With ProClean’s range of cleaning & hygiene products, your kitchen will be happier than ever before. Not only will their products remove stubborn stains & grease, but it cares for your equipment – keeping them spick & span.

With everything from washing up liquid to floor cleaner & bleach to anti-bacterial soaps. Your business will be squeaky clean all the time.

Chef Cleaning Kitchen

High Quality Hygiene

Make sure everything is clean, even the skilled hands working in the kitchen with a great range of anti-bacterial soaps.

Washroom Cleaning

Nobody wants to enjoy a delicious meal, go to the loo and find it an absolute mess. Keep your washroom sparkling with ProClean’s range of soaps & cleaners.

Disinfectants & Bleach

Sometimes you need to break out the big guns. Great bleach & disinfectants are also part of the ProClean line-up so you can all your cleaning gear from a name you trust.

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